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Grandma’s Cabin Features

A maximum occupancy of 14 people. Grandma’s Cabin is our only 4 bedroom/2 bathroom cabin and is booked by many family reunions, mature friends getaways, scrapbooking/quilting groups, etc.

Our cabins are rented by very large family reunions with Grandma’s Cabin being the gathering space, hence the name; ‘Everyone Gathers at Grandma’s House.’

This cabin has 4 separate bedrooms, each with 1 queen size bed, living space includes six twin beds lining the wall space, two full bathrooms with showers, a full kitchen that has two stoves, both with ovens and a large French Door refrigerator. Living area includes a 60″ flatscreen TV with satellite reception, a DVD player and a gas fireplace. Outside has 4 picnic tables with a large charcoal/smoker grill and personal outdoor firepit. All cabins have central air & is furnace heated. All linens provided.

Plan ahead for this cabin as it books far in advance do to it catering to so many types of getaways; girlfriends getaway, guy fishing/hunting trips, large family reunions. All cabins include a full kitchen with basic pots and pans, cooking utensils, dishes, flat screen TV with DVD player, a covered porch, personal outdoor bonfire pit, picnic table and charcoal grill.

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