Tips for Planning a Dog Friendly Vacation

The next time you plan a weekend getaway near Illinois, you don’t have to leave your dog at home. There are plenty of dog-friendly vacation rentals, cabin rentals, and lodging in the area that will be sure to keep you and your pet happy and comfortable during your getaway. Here are some great tips for finding dog-friendly lodging and planning a dog-friendly vacation.

Pick Your Travel Method Carefully
When traveling with your dog, it’s very important to make sure that you are choosing a method of travel that will keep your dog safe and comfortable. Traveling by plane is typically the most stressful and dangerous method for dogs, particularly if they are too large to travel under your seat. Traveling by car is the safest and most comfortable method, as you can stop frequently to allow your dog to take walks and get fresh air. Once you have chosen your method of travel, investigate the safety precautions that you can take to further ensure his comfort and safety.

Find the Perfect Dog-Friendly Lodging
Another key element of your vacation is finding the best dog-friendly lodging available. If you plan far enough in advance, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a dog-friendly vacation rental or dog-friendly cabin rental in your destination city. When comparing your lodging options, be sure to ask about pet deposits, rules and regulations regarding your pet’s stay, and any other crucial details that pertain to their dog lodging policies. Some dog-friendly vacation rentals offer special amenities for dogs and their owners, such as pet beds, kennels, treats, and dog-friendly vacation packages.

Look for Dog-Friendly Activities in the Area
One of the best parts about going on a weekend getaway with your dog is the opportunity to have fun adventures together. When you book your dog-friendly lodging, find out if they offer any vacation packages that include dog-friendly activities. You can also search online for hiking trails, lakes, and other activities in the area that your dog would enjoy.

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