Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental for Your Family

When you plan a weekend getaway for your family, you’ll want to find the perfect family vacation rental near Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. You can easily find an affordable rental luxury vacation cabin, large family cabin, or dog-friendly cabin rental that meets your needs. Here are some great tips for finding the perfect vacation rental for your family.

Read Online Reviews
When you book your vacation rental through a reputable service, you’ll have access to online customer reviews about each vacation house rental. Be sure to read these reviews carefully, as you can find out a lot of valuable information about both the vacation rentals, and how the vacation house rental owners respond to customer dissatisfaction. If you note that a particular cabin rental or vacation rental has multiple negative reviews that the rental owners have not attempted to address, you should cross that vacation rental off of your list.

Compare and Verify the Amenities the Vacation Rentals Offer
Every vacation rental will offer different amenities. Before you decide on a particular vacation rental, determine what amenities you and your family will need. If you’re traveling with a family pet, for instance, you’ll need a pet-friendly cabin rental. If you’re traveling with multiple children or teenagers, you might want to consider a large family cabin. Also find out whether the vacation rentals offer Wi-Fi, full kitchens, entertainment options, or vacation packages. Choose the vacation rental that offers the majority of the amenities on your list at the best prices.

Speak Directly with the Vacation Rental Homeowner
You should never sign any paperwork or formally commit to a family vacation rental without first speaking directly with the rental property’s owner or manager. You should try to arrange a conversation via phone rather than email. Have a list of crucial questions ready before your conversation, and make sure that you completely understand what will be expected of you as a renter, and what services you can expect from the homeowner or manager.

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