Preparing for Your Visit to Matthiessen State Park

When you take advantage of the vacation rentals that are available and visit Illinois, one of the sights that you have to see is Matthiessen State Park. Located in LaSalle County, the state park is home to a wide range of rock formations, plant life, and many other forms of nature. Matthiessen State Park is breathtaking, and it has been one of the best parks in the entire state since the 19th century. There is plenty of lodging near Matthiessen State Park in Illinois that will allow you to spend time at the park. Check out how you should prepare for a trip there.

Bring a Camera to Take Photos of Nature in the Park
Everyone who visits Matthiessen State Park is amazed by how beautiful everything inside of the park is. There are dozens of incredible rock formations throughout the park as well as canyons for visitors to explore and plant life that is unlike any plant life you have ever seen before. When you are out looking at everything, you are going to want to snap as many photos as you can, so be sure to bring your camera to do it. You should also take a look at a map of Matthiessen State Park so that you know about everything there is to see.

Make Sure You Stop by the Attractions Located in the Park
Outside of looking at all the nature, there are also a handful of attractions inside of Matthiessen State Park that you should visit. From the walking trails to the horseback riding trails to the field archery range and model airplane field, you will be very busy when you visit the park. Plan to see it all!

Book a Room for Several Nights to Fully Experience the Park
If you only visit Matthiessen State Park for a day, you likely won’t get to experience everything inside of it. There are vacation rentals available that will allow you to stay near the park so that you can visit it several times over the course of a few days.

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