Your Guide to an Illinois Winter Birding Getaway Near Starved Rock

The colder months are a wonderful time to visit for an Illinois winter birding getaway to beautiful Starved Rock State Park! There is gorgeous wildlife just waiting to be discovered, including a wide variety of birds native to the area during the winter season. Make sure and pack some warm clothes for tranquil bird watching in the snow.

northern saw whet owl in Winter at Starved Rock

Winter Birding at Kishauwau Cabins

There’s no need to go far for bird watching when you can catch glimpses of some just outside your getaway cabin in Illinois! Our secluded property is the perfect place to get your journey started with lots of trees, places for birds to gather, and a serene atmosphere far away from extraneous noises that could scare them off. Be on the lookout for Black-capped chickadees, Red-breasted nuthatches and Pileated woodpeckers. In addition, Bald Eagles are known to gather along rivers and dams while Snow Geese and Ducks are more commonly spotted near open bodies of water. Make sure and check out this convenient guide for a more in-depth look at Illinois birding during the winter, including what you can hope to see and where to find the best places for watching.

bald eagles in winter in Illinois

Eagle Watch Weekends at Starved Rock Lodge

A premier event for bird-watching aficionados, Eagle watching at Starved Rock Lodge is the ideal way to get some fantastic pictures and see these magnificent birds in action. Conveniently located near Kishauwau Cabins, you can make a visit to the lodge and enjoy a day of watching the Eagles right on the Illinois River. Nearby trees make for perfect perching points as they swoop in for fresh fish and you’re sure to catch some candid photos! However, it would seem nobody told the Eagles it was Eagle watch weekend! We’ve seen them regularly show up at your property and hang out amongst the trees, so be sure to keep an eye out when you head out on the porch for your morning coffee, or any other time of the day!

Bath in Jack's Deluxe Cabin near Starved Rock

Discover Your Nest

The Kishauwau property is a wonderful place to stay, whether this is your first time birdwatching in Illinois, or you’re a seasoned expert! The quiet atmosphere lends itself well to peaceful days observing the beauty of nature, and there’s nothing quite like a crisp morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Relax and rejuvenate in our cozy cabins with all the amenities you need for a great stay, including plush king and queen beds, covered porches for bird watching, whirlpool tubs in some cabins, and more! Book your stay at our romantic Illinois cabins near Starved Rock for a unique bird-watching getaway and enjoy everything the area has to offer.

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